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The First Online Revenue Workshop is history - but you can "be there" in spirit and with the same information. Just order the recordings!

These are not just the audio recordings of the event. They include the videos as well - in fact, every time we stepped to the computer to show slides or a live demo, we recorded the video. No talking heads here - just pure content! That means you'll be getting an experience that is as close to being there as you can get - well, without being there!

Just Added! We are also including the handouts so that you can recreate the full learning experience right in your home office. This is a HUGE value.

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The Online Revenue Workshop

The Online Revenue Workshop was held for the first time ever in January, 2010 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

This workshop was unique for three reasons:

We brought together four teachers – yes, teachers – who each shared their unique perspective on how they have been successful on the internet and in their personal lives. Each of us has a different background, approach, and skill set that we shared.

We designed the workshop around the four elements of Online Success: Technology, Marketing, Implementation, and Motivation. We shared the same steps we use in our businesses every day.

We have designed the workshop around the elements of teaching and doing. Participants were not just sitting in their seats and taking notes. They were actively involved in DOING the exercises through carefully planned activities over the course of the entire Workshop.

And you'll be doing exactly the same thing when you listen - and work along with - the recorded workshop materials!

How did this workshop come about?

The Online Revenue Workshop is the brain child of Connie Ragen Green and Dr. Jeanette Cates. It came from our desire to serve our existing clients by providing a face-to-face venue in which we could help them move forward FAST.

As we began to build the curriculum, we also recognized the need to involve other people. You see, Online Success is about so much more than just the technology or making money. It truly takes the four elements we mentioned earlier: Technology, Marketing, Implementation, and Mindset.

That's why we enlisted help from our like-minded colleagues - each of whom brings another piece to the puzzle. To create a richer learning environment for you - and to expand your relationships to include other experts.

Who Will I Be Learning From?

Each teacher is here for a specific purpose. We have all experienced a level of Online Success - and the resulting lifestyle. And that's why we believe so firmly in helping others. Because the lifestyle that comes along with success will make it possible for you to change your own life, as well as the lives of the other people in your life. That's why we're driven to help others succeed - because we have each seen such a change in our lives.

Suzan Schmitt is the "newest" online business owner in the team. She has been online for a little over a year. Yet in that time she has established herself at the Niche Expert to the coaching industry. She has created multiple products and built a membership site of coaching who are ready to expand their business with new clients. Suzan is both a motivator and a coach. She is instantly recognizable by her outgoing, energetic personality.


Connie Ragen Green has been online since 2006, when she left a 20-year classroom teaching career and a second job as a mortgage broker. Since then Connie has built a hugely successful company through coaching, teaching and affiliate marketing. That business has allowed her to travel and speak, as well as help her local community and various family members. She is truly living the Internet lifestyle beyond her wildest dreams.


Dr. Jeanette Cates is the senior member of the group, with more than 25 years online, the last 13 of which she has dedicated to helping other get started online. With more than 200 active websites and over 50 information products, her presentations and products have earned her the title of The Technology Tamer.™ She is known as a top-notch teacher as well as an insightful strategist in helping experienced marketers get "unstuck."


Lisa Suttora is an internationally known expert in selling physical and digital products online. Her eBay-certified members' site was a pioneer in the marketplace and boasts a five-year track record. As a single mother of two, Lisa quit her job in corporate America to follow her entreprenuerial dream. Hard work and the Entrepreneurial Mindset™ helped her write a best-selling book, host her own radio show and expand her trending expertise.

Who Is This Workshop Geared For?

We understand that one size does not fit all. And while we would love to help everyone at this workshop, we also realize that doing that dilutes the benefits that our attendees receive. That why many times people attend a workshop and don't get what they were expecting from it. It was just too general to appeal to "everyone."

So we want to be specific. We have geared this event toward people who have been online for at least six months and are still not making the money they would like to be earning.

Yes, this is a hands-on event where you will be actively participating in both individual and group exercises that will relate specifically to your business. That's why we want you to have some experience online - this is not a beginners' "here is what Internet marketing is and here's how to get started" workshop.

This is for you. And while we recognize that you may have varying levels of technical expertise, it's the experience of trying and doing that counts.We want to show you how you can use your knowledge, your experience, and your passion to build a profitable online business. So especially if you haven't felt successful online before, we want you to join us!

What if you "attend" the Online Revenue Workshop
as a Recordings participant?

This is the agenda we followed during the live workshop. As you use the recordings, we encourage you to follow this same agenda - and do the work as you go!

Day One

9:00 am

Welcome and Workshop Overview
Jeanette Cates
9:30 am
Your Niche and Your Passion
Suzan Schmitt
10:45 am
Group Work
12:00 pm
Online Success Explained
Jeanette Cates
1:00 am
Networking Lunch on your own
2:30 pm
Keywords Are Your Secret Message Online
Connie Green
3:30 pm
Quick Article Writing Tactics For Your Target Market
Connie Green
5:00 pm
Your Blog, Your Platform, Your Fame
Jeanette Cates
Day Two
9:00 am
The Power Of Your Story
Connie Green
9:45 am
Create Your Story
10:30 am

Your Elevator Speech, Action Box and Snap Phrase

Suzan Schmitt
11:15 am
Write Your Elevator Speech
12:00 pm
Snap Phrases and Feedback
12:30 pm
Networking Lunch on your own
2:00 pm
Your Mindset and Beyond
4:30 pm
Recap and Panel Discussion
All Faculty
5:30 pm
Next Steps
Jeanette Cates
Day Three

During the live workshop, Las Vegas lost electricity! We were without power for four hours. So the hotel gave us the room for an extra day. Our recording crew stayed on. And we kept on learning and teaching. ALL of the bonus sessions are included in the recordings!

That means that YOU get to keep on learning!


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What can you expect to learn and accomplish in the
time you spend with us?

As you can see from the agenda above, we will be working with you to create:

Your niche - you are uniquely qualified to serve a specific group of people with your message and your products. We'll help you choose one that you can work with immediately. While you may want to work with additional niches following this model, we'll help you narrow your focus for the workshop so that you can make faster progress - and more money!

Your model of Online Success - there are a lot of ways to make money online and much of the confusion with Internet marketing is not recognizing which model is most profitable and most comfortable for you.

Your keywords - how to do the research to find the exact words and phrases people are using to search for what you have to offer, and how to apply those keywords in all of your marketing activities. We'll start with articles as a quick way to generate traffic related to your topics.

Your blog - regardless of how long you've had your blog or what you've done with it, there are cutting-edge methods for improving it. We'll share these with you - and help you choose which need to be implemented to put your best foot forward.

Your story - the basis of all you do online and offline is based on the story you share with others. Once you perfect it and polish it, everything else becomes easier. We'll show you how to craft a story that will make people feel connected with you from the very beginning.

Your marketing pieces - your elevator speech is used on the phone and in face-to-face conversations. Your action box shows on each of your articles. Your snap phrase catches people's attention in short interactions. Aligning all of these with your story and with one another creates a consistent marketing message - so that everyone knows what you do and how well you do it.

Your mindset - nothing has a bigger impact on your success than your mindset. Yet it's the last thing most people consider - after they've failed for a period or have made a lot of money and lost it. That's why we want to get you started with "right thinking" from the start.

Plus throughout the weekend you'll be interacting with the faculty and your fellow participants. You'll find people who will become your close friends for years to come. You'll set up joint ventures for product development and you'll find people to help you promote your products - as well as encourage you to promote theirs.

What Types Of Support Are Included In The Workshop?

As former classroom teachers, Connie and Jeanette are strong believers in good support systems. So they have designed a first-rate curriculum - complete with support materials. This is very different than many of the other "conferences" you may have attended or Recordings you may have purchased. From the time you register to long after you've finished the course, you'll feel the difference.

First, as soon as you register you will be taken to a special members' only website. In there you will find a series of "prep materials". These include interviews, technology tips, software tips, and a ton of other great ideas. In each workshop session you'll find handouts and worksheets.

Plus you'll be listening to the recordings of the live event, prepared by a professional recording firm. You'll get BOTH the audio AND video versions of the workshops.


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So How Much Are The Online Revenue Workshop Recordings?

We started the Online Revenue Workshop with the idea of its being a customer appreciation event. As such we wanted to keep the price as low as possible. And even though we changed the focus to work with people who have been online for a while, we decided to keep it low. After all, you've already said you're not making as much money online as you would like. And we DO want you to attend.

You pay only $97 for the full recordings of the workshop.

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P.S. If you have been online for six months or more and are not making as much as you would like, this workshop will make a huge difference in your success for this year and beyond. Reserve your place now!

P.S. We really want to work with you face-to-face at some time in the future. But we understand that for now this is as close as we can be. That's why we recorded the event and made these recordings available both for our attendees and those who can't attend. Lock in your price for the recordings today!



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